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Babylon Lookout Tower

(Kramolín) Babylon is one of the oldest lookout towers in Moravia, built in 1831 on the behest of Count Jindřich Vilém Haugwitz on Zelený kopec Hill (491 metres above sea level) near Kramolín for the use of land surveyors. The ceiling of the observation room of the large stone lookout tower is decorated with zodiac motifs. The reward for conquering its 105 original oak stairs are views of the Českomorav

Karasín Lookout Tower

(Bystřice nad Pernštejnem) The lookout tower is a new natural dominating feature of the Bysřice nad Pernštejnem area. Opened in 2002, the lookout was built at an elevation of 707 metres above sea level, and is one of few that serves solely as a tourist attraction. The observation gallery, which can be accessed by climbing 128 stairs, provides views of the Žďárské vrchy Hills, Bystřice nad Pernštejnem, Vítochov with

Pípalka Lookout Tower

(Pelhřimov) The lookout tower stands atop Křemešník, an important pilgrimage site with the Holy Trinity Church, at an elevation of 765 meters above sea level. A total of 205 stairs lead to its top level, and during favourable weather, one can see Lipnice and Roštejn castles, Černík, Špičák, and Javořice hills, the Žďárské vrchy Hills, and even the Krkonoše Mountains and Šumava. Descriptions on

Rosička Lookout Tower

(Sázava) The lookout tower was built in 2001 as a construction project for a telecommunication tower near the town of Sázava u Žďáru over the Sázava River atop Rosnička Hill (645 metres above sea level). A total of 140 stairs lead to the top of this tower, which is built to withstand winds of up to 200 km/h. From here, visitors can see the Žďárské vrchy Hills, the Sázava River area, the Železn

Lookout Tower on Pekelný kopec Hill

(Třebíč) Since 2014, Pekelný kopec Hill as been adorned with a new lookout tower that symbolically references Třebíč UNESCO monuments. Its construction incorporates both the element of Judaism (the ground plan of two combined squares is reminiscent of the Star of David) as well as the connection with the St Procopious Basilica (according to legend, the devil was flung onto Pekelný kopec Hill by St Pro

Oslednice Lookout Tower

(Telč) The lookout tower rising from the top of Oslednice Hill boasts a fairytale view of the city of Telč. The tower was opened in 2000, replacing the original wooden lookout tower from 1898. To reach the viewing gallery, visitors must conquer a total of 175 stairs. Lookout Tower Height: 31.2 m

Horní les Lookout Tower

(Rovečné) Horní les Hill (774.3 metres above sea level) is the most prominent point in Svratecká hornatina natural park. In 2001, a lookout tower was built atop the hill, the top level of which can be reached by climbing 201 stairs. The reward for your efforts are views of such things as the Zubštejn Castl

Mařenka Lookout Tower

(Štěměchy) This lookout tower has stood atop the highest point in the Třebíč region, Mařenka Hill (711 metres above sea level), since 2012. The combination of a stone outer layer and the steel staircase structure with wooden elements work together to create a unique, 31 m tall building whose apex features

Lookout Tower on Fajtov Hill

(Velké Meziříčí) This uniquely-shaped lookout tower that will also feature unique nighttime lighting was designed by architect Václav Hlaváček, customised specifically for Fajtův Hill. Donors can support the tower's construction efforts by "purchasing" one of its 160 stairs, which will then be inscribed with the

Rubačka Lookout Tower

(Nový Telečkov) The lookout tower built in the spring of 2009 above the water cistern on Rubačka Hill at an elevation of 580 meters above sea level is located roughly 6 km southwest of Velké Meziříčí. After climbing a mere 42 stairs, a view of Velké Meziříčí and highway bridge unfolds before you. Look

Lookout Tower by Ocmanice

The lookout tower in the unique shape of a Native American teepee was built above the underground water cistern in 2003–2004. It offers views of the surrounding area, the town of Ocmanice, and of nearby Náměšť nad Oslavou. Lookout Tower Height: 6.2 m

Madonna's Gate Jihlava

Originating from the time of the foundation of the city and its fortifications at the beginning of the second half of the 13th century, it is the only one of five city gates that has survived. It is a characteristic symbol of Jihlava, and offers views of the entire city. The middle floors regularly

St James the Greater Church Tower Jihlava

Construction on the north tower, one of two that create a dominating feature over the city and are a part of the church consecrated in the name of the patron of miners, St James, was completed at the beginning of the 14th century. It originally functioned as a guard tower, but was opened to the publ

Church of the Holy Spirit Tower

(Telč) The late-Romanesque square tower is the oldest surviving architectural monument in Telč. It was opened in 1993, and climbing its 97 stairs offers visitors an interesting view of the city's historic centre. The tower houses a permanent exhibit featuring the paintings of Jan Křen and an archeolog

St James Church Tower

(Telč) Originally built in the 1300s, this parish church acquired its late-Gothic appearance during renovations in the 1400s. The church features a large tower with 40 stone and 105 wooden stairs. From the observation gallery, views of the city unfold in unparalleled beauty. Two of the tower's bells have s

Church of the Assumption Tower Havlíčkův Brod

The dominating feature of the Church of the Assumption built in the mid-13th century is a large Gothic tower that houses one of the oldest Czech bells, Vilém, cast in the 1340s. Another interesting feature of the tower is the clock with an old Bohemian clock face divided into 24 hours. The small ro

St Bartholomew Church Tower Pelhřimov

The church's lookout tower was built in the 16th century. Its gallery is accessed by 135 stairs, and offers a beautiful view of the city and the surrounding landscape. In the upper part of the tower, visitors can tour the watchman's room with a display of historical photographs of the city. On the w

St Martin's Church Tower Třebíč

The large tower of the St Martin's Church was originally built as a part of the city's fortification systems around 1335. Its gallery was opened to the public in 1997, and visitors have the opportunity to observe the entire city from its height of 35 metres. The dimensions of the tower's clock (with

Church of the Assumption Tower Polná

Built in 1700–1707, this decanal church will enchant visitors with its interiors, which are richly decorated with the stucco work of Florentine artists, and house a Sieber organ, the largest surviving Baroque instrument of domestic provenance in the country. In addition to the beautiful views, vis

Church of St Giles Tower

(Moravské Budějovice) The church acquired its current appearance in the 18th century, the same time that the tower was constructed on the north side of the presbytery. It houses two surviving bells, and the observation gallery, 26 metres off the ground, offers beautiful, sweeping views of not only the city and the surrou

St Nicholas Church Tower Humpolec

The church tower acquired its current appearance during a reconstruction of the church in the late 19th century. A total of 115 stairs lead to the gallery at 30 metres off the ground. On the way up, visitors have the opportunity to see two bells and the tower clock weights. The middle floors house a

St John the Baptist Church Tower Přibyslav

Construction on the Přibyslav Gothic tower began in the year 1497. The thickness of its walls and the fact that the entrance to the tower located 7 metres off the ground seem to suggest that it was built as a defence tower. In 1994, the tower acquired two new bells named Maria and Jan, weighing 395

St Nicholas Church Tower Velké Meziříčí

The square, three-storey tower was built in the mid 15th century. On their ascent to the gallery at a height of 40 metres, visitors have the opportunity to see the tower's six bells, as well as an exhibit featuring 99 historical photographs of the city. The tower has featured a clock since the 16th

St John the Baptist Church Tower Počátky

The tall, square church tower is a commanding presence in the centre of town, and is a sightseeing destination that should not be missed. After many fires, the tower acquired its current appearance in 1824, and was opened to the public in 2004 after large-scale reconstructions. Height: 3

Žirovnice Chateau Tower

The early Gothic castle was reconstructed in 1550 as a Renaissance chateau, and was later renovated in the Baroque style. The hall in the south wing and the former chapel both feature valuable original late-Gothic wall murals from the end of the 15th century. Access to the top of the tower (which of

Police Chateau Tower

This Gothic-Renaissance chateau also has a five-storey square lookout tower that offers sweeping views of the surrounding landscape. The chateau also features masterful stucco ceiling decorations, as well as a perfectly-preserved and intact chateau chapel from the 18th century, among other things.

Lipince nad Sázavou Castle Tower

(Lipnice nad Sázavou) The Samson Tower gallery at Lipnice's castle is a favourite among romantics and anyone with a love of beautiful lookouts. After conquering the wooden stairs to a height of 27 metres above ground, visitors have to opportunity to see the castle and the beautiful, rolling landscape of the surrounding a

Ledeč nad Sázavou Castle Tower

This castle tower from the first half of the 13th century was opened in 2007. By ascending its 111 stairs, the tower offers an impressive 360-degree view of Ledeč nad Sázavou and its surrounding area. The tower is part of the museum tour, whose exhibits are dedicated primarily to the work of local

Orlík Castle Ruins Tower

(Humpolec) The construction of an interior metal staircase in 2014 inside the old, damaged castle tower has created a unique lookout tower that offers beautiful views in fair weather of all of the important Vysočina peaks, and even Blaník Mountain. To earn these views, visitors need to climb a total of 104 s

Roštejn Castle Tower

(Doupě) The main dominating feature of this excellently-preserved late Gothic castle is its Gothic seven-sided tower with 103 stairs leading to the top. Through the windows, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy sweeping views of the surrounding landscape. In good visibility, one can even see parts of the

Rokštejn Castle Tower

(Brtnice) In place of the early Gothic castle that once stood on a rocky outcrop in the Brtnice River Valley now looms a large and romantic castle ruin. All that remains of the original castle is a square tower, to which another storey has been added. The site underwent detailed archeological surveys thanks t

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