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Hojkovské rašeliniště Peat Bog National Natural Monument

Hojkovské rašeliniště Peat Bog (5 ha) – this national natural monument is comprised of the remainder of a peat bog and a swampy forest not far from the town of Hojkov with an elevation of 650 metres above sea level. It is an area of significance for the gravely endangered Scandinavian small re

Jankovský potok Creek National Natural Monument

(Mladé Bříště) Jankovský potok Creek national natural monument (72.5 ha) – the primary reason for the protection of this area that covers the territories of Staré Bříště, Mladé Bříště, Zachotín, and Jankov u Pelhřimova is the region's sole occurrence of the critically endangered freshwater pearl mus

Štamberk and the Stone Sea National Natural Monument

(Lhotka) Štamberk a kamenné moře (14 ha) – in the area surrounding the ruins of the Štamberk Castle near Lhotka and Řásná lies what is left of a natural beech forest with a characteristic stone boulder bed where the boulder scree gradually transforms a stone sea that was created by the weathering an

Švařec National Natural Monument

(Koroužné) Švařec (8.8 ha) – this protected area of orchidaceous plants roughly two kilometres from Štěpánov in the cadastral territory of the towns of Koroužné and Švařec is characterised by its very high degree of species diversity. The steep southern slopes with their rich geological structure fe

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