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Joseph Alois Schumpeter (1883 Třešť – 1950 U.S.A.), economist

Several years ago, only a few enlightened people knew that the burgher house on Rooseveltova ulice Street was the birthplace of the creator of the Japanese economic miracle. Joseph Alois Schumpeter, prominent economist, scientist, and lawyer, was born 8 February 1883 in Třešť, though by age four his family had already moved at first to Jihlava, then to Graz, and finally to Vienna. He studied at

Ludvík Svoboda (1895 Hroznatín – 1979 Prague), general, president of the Republic

The birth house (39915/7-7040) of Ludvík Svoboda, Czechoslovak general and CSSR president still stands today in the small town of Hroznatín in the Třebíč region. Ludvík Svoboda had a multifaceted destiny. During World War One, he became a member of the Czechoslovak Legion in Russia. He was a part of the famous legion battles at Zborov and Bakhmach against the Austrian and German military and

Karel Havlíček Borovský (1821 Havlíčková Borová – 1856 Prague), writer, journalist, literary critic

(Havlíčkův Brod) Karel Havlíček Borovský, Czech poet, journalist, and founder of Czech journalism and literary criticism, is closely tied to the village where his was born in 1821. He is the town's namesake, and the town, in turn, is his. He came from the town of Borová, which today bears the added title of "Havlíčkova" ("Havlíček's") in his honour, and Karel Havlíček, conversely, began to sign his his w

Josef Hoffmann (1870 Brtnice – 1956 Vienna), architect

In recent years, Brtnice has been gaining recognition, primarily due to the efforts of the Společnost Josefa Hoffmanna (Josef Hoffmann Society), as the birthplace of renowned architect Josef František Hoffmann. Hoffmann was born here on 15 December 1870 in an exquisite Baroque house numbered 263 on the town square. The building is listed with the Monument Inspectorate of the Czech Republic unde

Otokar Březina (1868 Počátky – 1929 Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou), poet

Important Czech poet Otakar Březina (whose real name was Václav Jebavý) left an indelible mark on Vysočina, from Pelhřimov to Jihlava area, all the way to Třebič. It is because of this connection to the poet that a number of buildings in these areas were declared cultural monuments. Otokar Březina was born in Počátky to a shoemaker's family, and the house in which he was born still stand

Gustav Mahler (1860 Kaliště – 1911 Vienna), composer

(Humpolec) One of the greatest conductors worldwide who found greater acclaim in Vienna than his did in his native Bohemia, was born in 1860 in Kaliště u Humpolce as the son of Jewish merchant and innkeeper, Bernard Mahler. The family was quite large (Mahler had 11 siblings) and poor. Around 1865, the family moved to Jihlava in pursuit of a better life. In 1869–1875, the young Mahler studied at the Germa

Jan Žižka of Trocnov (1360 Trocnov – 1424 Přibyslav), Hussite military leader and warrior

The story of the life of Bohemian warrior and Hussite military leader Jan Žižka began some time around 1360 in Trocnov in Southern Bohemia, and ends abruptly and unexpectedly during the siege of city of Přibyslav. Žižka's childhood, youth (and his entire life until the year 1400 in general) are still shrouded in mystery today, as period sources do not mention much about Žižka's life. Despit

Vítězslav Novák

(Kamenice nad Lipou) The composer Vítězslav Novák was born in the town and the museum has an exhibition devoted to him. One of his busts, by Karel Otáhal, decorates the school building; the other, by Jan Kodet, was unveiled in 1995 in front of the chateau. The mother of the composer lived in the nearby Johanka gamek

František Josef Vacek

(Kamenice nad Lipou) The memorial tablet on the house in Vackova street commemorates the national priest, poet and writer František Josef Vacek, the writer of the lyrics to the famous song ?U panského dvora?.

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