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Joseph Alois Schumpeter (1883 Třešť – 1950 U.S.A.), economist

Several years ago, only a few enlightened people knew that the burgher house on Rooseveltova ulice Street was the birthplace of the creator of the Japanese economic miracle. Joseph Alois Schumpeter, prominent economist, scientist, and lawyer, was born 8 February 1883 in Třešť, though by age four his family had already moved at first to Jihlava, then to Graz, and finally to Vienna. He studied at

Josef Hoffmann (1870 Brtnice – 1956 Vienna), architect

In recent years, Brtnice has been gaining recognition, primarily due to the efforts of the Společnost Josefa Hoffmanna (Josef Hoffmann Society), as the birthplace of renowned architect Josef František Hoffmann. Hoffmann was born here on 15 December 1870 in an exquisite Baroque house numbered 263 on the town square. The building is listed with the Monument Inspectorate of the Czech Republic unde

The Largest Mobile Carillon in the Czech Republic

(Jihlava) Jihlava was the first ever witness to carillon performance outside of Prague. The carillon has 57 precisely-tuned bronze bells. Thus far, only 17 mobile carillons have existed worldwide. Five are mobile, and the rest have been converted into stationary carillons. The total weight of the Pražská mo

Most Beloved Children's Television Show Animal

(Pavlov) The European otter is considered one of the most beloved animals, though it also causes quite a bit of trouble for fishermen. Otters are an endangered species and are protected. The most famous otter in Vysočina is Vydrýsek, who became the star of the Czech Television children's series of the same

Vysočina's Tallest Peak: Javořice

(Telč) The tallest peak of the Javořické vrchy Highlands (837 m) as well as the entire Českomoravské vrchoviny Highlands lies approximately 10 km northwest of Telč, and roughly the same distance northeast of Studená. The peak is nestled in an expansive complex of evergreen forests over which looms a

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