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Chateau and Town museum Chotěboř

Between 1699 and 1702, William Leopold Count Kinsky had an Italian-style estate built with four wings surrounding the central court on the site of a Gothic fo

Pelhřimov Museum of Records and Curiosities

The museum is located in a five-storey square gatehouse, 36 metres tall, that was built in the 1500s as part of the city's fortifications. The tower's clock is from the 17th century. The museum is run by the Agentura Dobrý den agency, which is the author of Czech contributions to the Guinness Book of World Records. The museum is home to approximately 100 unusual items created by the artistry, end

Vysočina Museum Jihlava

The exhibits of this museum that was founded in 1892 are located in two architecturally valuable Renaissance buildings on Jihlava's main square. In its heyday, the building on the right (no. 58), substantially reconstructed in 1580–1590, was one of the most magnificent patrician buildings in the area, best illustrated by the beautiful two-storey vestibule with an arcade gallery resting Tuscan co

Chateau and Vysočina Museum

(Třebíč) The museum's history is related to the ethnographic exposition that took place in Prague in 1895, for which exhibition items were collected from the Třebič region as well. The museum is located in the former Wallenstein chateau, reconstructed in the 1500s from a former Benedictine monastery that was founded in 1101. After being closed for three years for comprehensive renovations of th

Jaroslav Hašek Memorial

(Lipnice nad Sázavou) Humourist and satirist Jaroslav Hašek (1883–1923) was brought to Lipnice nad Sázavou in 1921 by his friend, academic painter Jaroslav Panuška. The exhibit is located in the house beneath the castle in which Hašek lived out his final years and where he wrote his most famous work, Osudy dobrého vojáka Švejka (The Good Soldier Švejk). Dedicated to Hašek's residence and work in this city, t

Permanent Exhibit Dedicated to Jan Kubiš and Other Victims of the Nazi Occupation

(Dolní Vilémovice) A permanent exhibit dedicated to famous native Jan Kubiš and other victims of the Nazi occupation is located in the house where Jan Kubiš once lived. The relatively quiet life of the town was interrupted by the events related to the assassination of acting Reichsprotektor, chief of the Reich Main Security Office, SS-obergruppenfuhrer, and police general, Reinhard Heydrich. The turning po

Museum of Brtnice and its Area From Times Long Past to Recent History

The "Brtnické stezky – přírodou ke kulturní promenádě" ("Brtnice Trails: A Cultural Promenade Through Nature") also includes a museum exposition in the Valdštejský dům (Wallenstein House, stop no. 8, information centre) titled "Z dávných i nedávných dob Brtnice a okolí" ("Brtnice and

Třešť Nativity Scenes: Friends of Nativity Scenes Association Permanent Exhibit

Třešť is rightfully known as the "city of nativity scenes." It boasts folk woodcarving artistry whose beauty can be admired year-round in the museum housed in the Dům J. A. Schumpetera (J. A. Schumpeter House). Each year throughout the entire Christmas season (from 26 December until 2 February

Třešť Nativity Scenes: Friends of Nativity Scenes Association Permanent Exhibit

Třešť is rightfully known as the "city of nativity scenes." It boasts folk woodcarving artistry whose beauty can be admired year-round in the museum housed in the Dům J. A. Schumpetera (J. A. Schumpeter House). Each year throughout the entire Christmas season (from 26 December until 2 February

Chadim's Mill – Mill Museum

(Horní Dubenky) The first record of the mill is dated 1508. It houses mill equipment from 1926 as well as the original Francis turbine that powered the mill and its saw (the saw, however, has not survived). Currently, there is a Czech milling assemblage, and the exhibit is complemented by period agricultural tools.

Antonín Sova History Museum, Pacov

The municipal museum was founded by historian, progressive thinker, and secondary school professor Ferdinand Pakosta in 1908. The museum experienced a renewed flourishing under the voluntary curatorship of Jan Zoubek, who, in collaboration with Přemysl Plaček, created new exhibits, expanded the mu

Gustav Mahler House, Jihlava

The origins of the house are rooted in the 16th century. This house, where Gustav Mahler's family lived from 1860 to 1889 now hosts the exposition "Mladý Gustav Mahler a Jihlava" ("Young Gustav Mahler and Jihlava"). It features the works of artist and fashion designer Thea Weltner, a relative of Gu

Vysočina Museum, Pelhřimov

The museum expositions are housed in three historic buildings in the chateau of the lords of Říčany, in the so-called "Šrejnarovský dům" (Šrejnar House) and the former jailhouse. The original Renaissance chateau was built in the mid-1500s, most likely in place of a Gothic tower-like structure

Dr. Aleš Hrdlička Museum, Humpolec

The Humpolec museum was founded in 1895, and is one of the oldest museums in the Vysočina Region. There are five permanent exhibits: The ethnographic exhibit: depicts life in the Humpolec region in the 1800s: folk costumes, timbered buildings, musical instruments, and the traditions of cloth

The Birth House of Gustav Mahler Kaliště

Formerly a roadside inn, the birthplace of world-famous conductor and composer Gustav Mahler (1860–1911) was renovated in the late 1990s. The period restaurant is complemented by a newly-built music hall that hosts concerts and international operatic, piano, and contemporary music courses. It offe

Castle Ledeč nad Sázavou Municipal Museum

The castle from the first half of the 13th was renovated over the course of its life in the Renaissance and Baroque styles, with the last renovation taking place after the fire in 1879. Many structural architectural elements have survived, such as the cylindrical tower, the Renaissance loggia, and t

Museum of Monsters Pelhřimov

The exposition is located in the cellars of a historical burgher house on the town square, home to Galerie M. Exponáty strašidel (Gallery M., Monster Exhibit) featuring monsters from legends and tales from Vysočina. The figures are made primarily from wax and are life-sized.

Municipal Museum in Svratka

The first museum exposition in Svratka originated in 1940. In 2001, a group of enthusiasts founded the Občanské sdružení Svratecká jizba (Svratka Rustic Room Civic Association), whose aim was to aid in the revitalisation of the museum and search for items to expand its collections. Currently, t

Jan Zrzavý Memorial Hall

(Krucemburk) The memorial hall presents the life and work of academic painter Jan Zrzavý (1890–1977). This native of nearby Okrouhlice had a great love for the everything the area had to offer; he visited relatives here during his summer holidays from the time he was a child, and called Krucemburk the "měste

Poet Antonín Sova Memorial

(Lukavec) The memorial is located in a five-sided, two-storey garden house, built in the 18th century in the chateau complex. The poet's family lived here for a short period following a widespread fire in the city in 1866. During his studies, young Sova spent his holidays here, and returned often as an adult.

Austro-Hungarian Beer Brewing Museum Dalešice

The beer brewery in Dalešice was most likely founded as early as the end of the 16th century. Today's Dalešice joint-stock brewery still houses parts of the original beer producing equipment from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Interesting items on display include a functional steam engine.

Municipal Museum and Otokar Březina Birth House Počátky

Founded in 1892, the municipal museum in Počátky is the oldest in the the region. In 1997, after 14 years of renovation, the museum opened a permanent exhibit. It offers an interesting look at the interior architecture of a 1500s burgher house, which is particularly evident in the cellar spaces. T

Horácká Gallery Nové Město na Moravě

Founded in 1964, the gallery has resided in the chateau since 1972. The former Renaissance chateau was built right after the mid-16th century, most likely still during the reign of the Pernštejns, and underwent renovations in 1588 by Vilém Dubský of Třebomyslice. In 1643, it was plundered by the

Luka nad Jihlavou Museum

Visitors have the opportunity to view documents on the history of this town, its cultural monuments, social life in the town, the history of the railroad, as well as information about the local Widmann family chateau. The museum has a fully-furnished country kitchen, original furniture from rural ab

Gallery M Pelhřimov

The gallery regularly hosts shows by a diverse range of artists. It is located in a historical burgher house, whose construction was influenced by Italian Renaissance architecture, and is decorated with envelope sgraffito. The house was once the seat of the royal burgrave, and its passageway bears t

Hall of Jimramov Natives

The permanent exhibit presenting the town's history and its most prominent figures (the Mrštík brothers, Jan Karafiát, Karel Slavíček, M. J. Sychra, František Žemlička, Čeněk Dobiáš, Bohuslav Kozák) is located in the Horní škola u sv. Jana (Upper School by St John) building. In 2002,

Žďár nad Sázavou Regional Museum

The late-Gothic fortress, which has been mentioned in sources as early as 1300, is now renovated, and has been the home of the Regional Museum since 1993. The museum does not have any permanent exhibits. Instead, it alternates various exhibits featuring regional topics, art exhibits, educational exh

Vysočina Regional Gallery

(Jihlava) The Oblastní galerie Vysočiny in Jihlava owns fine art collections from the 19th, 20th, and now even the 21st centuries. It is located in two historically significant Renaissance buildings that are cultural monuments. The building on the lower end of Masarykovo náměstí Square houses a

Telč House

Upon entrance to house no. 31, you will find yourself in a land of legends, elves, and historical narratives in an entirely original presentation created by the artists Mrs Anna Hanzlová snr, her daughter, and Mr Julek Žembery. The ceramic figures are installed in the monumental cellar area th

Firehouse Municipal Gallery Telč

The Hasičský dům gallery stands in the location of a Gothic gate with a Renaissance facade that closed off the entrance to today's U Masných krámů Street. The meat shops were torn down, and in 1870, a fire station was built in their place for the newly-established volunteer fire brigade.

Vysočina Museum Jihlava, Telč Branch

Founded in 1897, the museum in Telč resides in the southwest wing of a chateau. The permanent exhibits present documents from the history of the city and its surrounding area from the early Middle Ages to present day. On display are festive Horácko folk costumes and a collection of wedding banners

Old Polná School Exposition

The exposition documenting the history of the education system from the mid-1700s to the end of the 1800s is housed in a building with a Baroque facade that has been declared a cultural monument. The fully-furnished classroom setup dates from 1866, and, in addition to the historical furnishings, it

Golden Bohemian Hands Exposition

(Pelhřimov) In the "Golden Bohemian Hands" exposition, visitors have the opportunity to admire unique items made from matchsticks: guitars, violins, mandolins, Corinthian vases, and mirror frames. The items are the work of a single artist, Mr Tomáš Korda, who, over the course of 40 years, put in 63,000 hours

Gallery of Vysočina Painters

(Svratka) The Galerie malířů Vysočiny exhibits the works of the classic figures of Vysočina landscape painting, as well as those of other artists tied to the Svratka area: František Kaván, Cína Jelínek, Jindřich and Ota Bubeníček, Josef and Zdeněk Fialový, Josef Jambor, Rudolf Hanych, Jindřich

Small Museum of Small Motorcycles

(Bystřice nad Pernštejnem) This private collection presents thirty Czech- and foreign-made historical motorcycles from the first Pionýrs, Stadion mopeds, police Jawa 634, and a range of military motorcycles and several motorised bicycles from the 1970s. Rare items include a 2006 modern retro Jawa 555 made from fibreglass in

Franta Gallery Třebíč

The gallery is dedicated to Třebíč native, František Mertl, nicknamed Franta, who has lived in France since 1958. He donated works that are a cross-section of the artist's opus of over fifty years. The gallery is located in the newly-renovated spaces of the Národní dům (National House) on Kar

Largest Museum of Toy Cars

(Příseka) Approximately 4 km from Jihlava, the chateau in Příseka is opening an unparalleled museum of toy cars at the beginning of the automn 2015. All of the interior areas of the newly-renovated chateau whose history reaches all the way back to the 13th century will boast a spectacular display for boys a

Largest Museum of Toy Cars

(Příseka) Approximately 4 km from Jihlava, the chateau in Příseka is opening an unparalleled museum of toy cars at the beginning of the automn 2015. All of the interior areas of the newly-renovated chateau whose history reaches all the way back to the 13th century will boast a spectacular display for boys a

Kralice Bible Memorial

(Kralice nad Oslavou) Remainders of a Gothic fort, where the Kralice Bible was printed in a secret printing office of the Czech Brethren between 1579 and 1594. The museum shows visitors objects from the original printing office ? 4000 preserved metal letters which are unique in the whole world.

Otokar Březina Museum

(Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou) The museum is the oldest literary museum in Moravia. The apartment of the poet is preserved in its original form; the study library contains the whole body of the Březina?s work. There is also a mini gallery of paintings and graphics by František Bílek. The Society of Otokar Březina also adminis

Art Gallery

(Havlíčkův Brod) The gallery shows illustrations in a permanent exhibition of its own collections. Exhibitions are held throughout the year.

Museum of the Highlands

(Havlíčkův Brod) It has its premises in ?Havlíček?s House? in the square. A corner oriel and a painted ceiling on the first floor are preserved from the originally Renaissance house, as well as some Gothic architectural elements. The journalist Karel Havlíček lived and worked in this house. His flat and original

History and Science Museum

(Bystřice nad Pernštejnem) The museum has its premises in the former town hall, built in the mid-nineteenth century on the site of two older houses. In the cellars the original Gothic vaults are preserved. One of the exhibition rooms is dedicated to the painter Alois Lukášek. Permanent expositions are supplemented during th

K. H. Borovský Memorial

Commemorates the life and work of the writer and journalist Karel Havlíček. It is located in his native home, which was declared a national cultural monument.

Town Museum

(Přibyslav) Museum exhibitions are housed in the building of the former women?s hospital dating from 1692. Permanent exhibitions: Regional ethnographic exhibitions, Most famous natives, Minerals and rocks, Medieval mining industry

Fire Fighting Centre

(Přibyslav) Situated in the palace that was rebuilt from a former Gothic castle around 1560 under the influence of Italian Renaissance architecture. In the 18th century the palace was extended and later it was reconstructed in the classical style. In the castle courtyard an arcade loggia upon Tuscan columns is

Exhibition of the House of Josef Hoffmann

(Brtnice) In Brtnice there was finished the restoration of the house of birth of an architect and designer Josef Hoffmann (1870-1956), an important figure in the Viennese Art Nouveau (Jugendstil). The unique painting of the interior walls was renovated, to which he himself created the designs around the year

Gustav Mahler House

(Jihlava) Shortly after the birth of Gustav Mahler, his entire family moved from Kaliště to Jihlava, where the future composer spent his childhood and youth. The house where he grew up features an exposition titled "Gustav Mahler a Jihlava" ("Gustav Mahler and Jihlava"). The exposition is divided into sev

The Birth House of Gustav Mahler

(Jihlava) The newly reconstructed house—the birthplace of world-renowned composer and conductor Gustav Mahler—was originally a coaching inn. Today, the house serves as a guesthouse with a pub and a small events hall for private or corporate events. In 1996, the town of Kalice hosted the first ever Mah

Bedřich Smetana (1824 Litomyšl – 1884 Prague), composer

(Havlíčkův Brod) During a walk through the park in Havlíčkův Brod, visitors may come across the statue of composer Bedřich Smetana. The statue was created in 1929 by sculptor Julius Pelikán. It is a reminder of the short period in which Bedřich Smetana studied at the Brod grammar school, the Carolinum. The

Museum of the New Generation

(Žďár nad Sázavou) In the summer of 2015, the curator of the Žďár nad Sázavou Chateau cultural monument is planning to open the one-of-a-kind Muzeum nové generace (Museum of the New Generation), whose mission will be to pass down the vibrant story of this city through fun and exciting expositions organised by a

Chateau Gallery Telč

Since 2014, the chateau gallery has featured a new exposition titled "Telči po stopách filmů" ("Around Telč in the Footsteps of Film"). The exposition highlights Telč, known not only as a UNESCO cultural heritage monument, but also as one of the most sought-after filming locations in the Czech

F. B. Zvěřina Memorial

(Hrotovice) The exposition in the renovated building on the town square introduces the life and work of academic painter František Bohumír Zvěřina, a local native (1835–1908). He drew inspiration for the subjects of his drawings from his travels in the Balkan countries, though he also captured Podyjí and

Mouček House: Exposition on the History of the City

(Žďár nad Sázavou) The ground floor features a First Republic era general store, a section dedicated to local products and crafts, as well as an exposition that will lead visitors through the most important events in the city's history. On the first floor, visitors can look forward to an exquisite burgher salon as wel

The Baroque Goltz Castle

(Golčův Jeníkov) The baroque, so-called Goltz Castle, with a square ground plan has a barrel vault on the ground floor. A spiral staircase leads to the first floor where there are three residential rooms. In the hall there is a fireplace made of white marble with golden inscriptions around it. On the second floor

Municipal Museum Velká Bíteš

Across from the town hall stands house no. 5, which hosts the municipal museum. The house has a rich history, and is one of the most important in all of Velká Biteš. Four centuries ago, a small church of the Bohemian Brethren was built here by the Žerotín ruling nobility. The building became

Vysočina Museum, Třebíč, Jemnice Branch

Museum exhibits are located in a historical building with a Renaissance core, renovated in the Empire style. In the rear of the building, there are original farm buildings from the turn of the 20th century. The museum collections document the history of the city and mineral mining in Southwestern Mo

Municipal Museum at the Old Town Hall

(Náměšť nad Oslavou) In 2004, Náměšt nad Oslavou reopened its Municipal Museum. Currently, it presents two permanent exhibits, "Aterliér fotografa Ondřeje Knolla" ("The Studio of Photographer Onřej Knoll"), a Náměšť native, and "Papírníkova tiskárna" ("The Papermaker's Print Shop"). The exhibits present vis

Butcher's Museum Náměsť nad Oslavou

(Náměšť nad Oslavou) In February of this year, the new Řeznické muzeum Jana Pavlíčka (Jan Pavlíček's Butcher's Museum) was opened in Náměšť nad Oslavou. This museum is stands alone for its number of exhibit items on the topic of butchery. Visitors have to opportunity to see a butcher's washtub made from a sing

J. Havlík Gallery Žirovnice

On display at the gallery are oil paintings by academic painter Jan Havlík, items from soft linden wood by academic sculptor Karel Hlava, as well as prints by Pavel Rouček and book illustrations by academic painter František Severa. The gallery also hosts solo shows.

Sněžná Gallery

(Sněžné) The gallery was founded in 1997 by painters Jan Odvárka, Rudolf Němec, and Pavel Mertlík. The gallery hosts solo shows, exhibits of paintings by artists from around the nation, as well as ceramics exhibits.

The Jaroslav Hašek Memorial

(Lipnice nad Sázavou) In the village under the castle bearing the same name there is the Jaroslav Hašek Memorial, in a house where Hašek spent his last years and where he wrote his most famous work ? The Good Soldier Švejk.

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