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One of the Oldest Trees

(Kamenice nad Lipou) The chateau park at the chateau in Kamenice nad Lipou is home to a memorial linden tree, whose age is estimated to be 600 to 800 years (it thought to have been planted in 1248). All that remains of the original monumental tree that gave the town its name is an unusual torso of 19 horizontally-growing branches.

Hliník: the Most Famous Incomer

(Humpolec) "Hliník moved to Humpolec." This sentence, that was uttered many times from the mouth of the actor Zdeněk Srstka in the film Marečku, podejte mi pero! (Mareček, Pass Me the Pen!), gave a group of enthusiasts the idea some time ago to build the non-existent Humpolec resident a memorial in the cit

The Button Industry

(Žirovnice) Buttons: only from Vysočina. In the mid-19th century, 24-year-old Josef Žampach (originally from Vienna) married into the town of Žirovnice. He had trained in Vienna, and brought with him to Bohemia a turning lathe and button-making tools. Perhaps this was the beginning of the button-making tradi

Artificial Slalom Canal

(Želiv) Trnávka, the only artificial slalom canal in Vysočina, is located near the town of Želiv, not far from Humpolec on the river of the same name. It is an approximately 700 m long course with a difficulty rating of WW III – V. The massive water current, numerous obstacles, and tall waves ensure am

The Tallest Lookout Towers in Vysočina

(Pelhřimov) One of the tallest lookout towers in Vysočina is Pípalka, which adorns the highest peak of Pelhřimovska-Křemešník (76 m). The 52-metre tall steel structure tests tourists with 205 stairs that ascend to a height of approximately 40 m. During favourable weather conditions, it is possible to see

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