Podlesíčko Fairytale Village

Part of the lodging resort of Hotel Podlesí near the city of Sněžná is the Pohádková vesnička Podlesíčko fairytale village. The village is comprised of nine separate houses and one duplex house. The architecture of each house was inspired by a fairytale. For example, you can encounter the little house Pařez (Tree Stump) As soon as you see this cottage (whose shape is reminiscent of a hollowed stump) you will know that it is the home of two forest inhabitants: Křemílek and Vochomůrka. The cottage's roof is overgrown with moss and grass, and the elves have sown various seeds around it and cultivate porcini mushrooms for their soup. Seven diminutive inhabitants reside in the Sněhurka (Snow White) cottage with their friend, Snow White. You may even be so lucky as to glimpse one of them, perhaps Bashful, Happy, or Dopey. The Rakosníček cottage with its thatched roof was built by Rákosníček because his pond was cold, wet, and the loaches kept waking him up during the day. As we all know, he always wakes up with the first evening star, and so we too can expect unusual things to happen when dusk begins to fall. The cottage U kováře Matěje (At Blacksmith Matěj's) is the home of the blacksmith Matěj, who is enormously strong, which helps him shoe the horses roaming the surrounding hills. The Mlýn (Mill) is tranquil and quiet during the day, interrupted only by the clatter of the mill wheel. But at night it is haunted. This mill, you see, is the "devil's" mill. At the Karkulka (Little Red Riding Hood) cottage, you will be greeted by a girl in a red hood, and there is no need to fear the wolf. He has been tamed, and has long since stopped eating Little Red Riding Hoods and grandmothers. He would much rather eat some cake. The cottage Nebe a peklo (Heaven and Hell) is guarded by the good little angel Vilemínka, but a fidgety imp peeks out from behind her, dreaming up all sorts of mischief, so beware. At the Budulínek cottage, we may encounter the fox as well as Budulínek. The Švec (Shoemaker) abode is inspired by the old, picturesque cottages dispersed about the Vysočina hillsides. The indispensable cobbler's stool and tools put the finishing touches on the atmosphere of the this age-old craft, and the littlest visitors can even try to fix their own shoes if they need it. The final cottage, Rumcajs and Cipísek stands right by the forest, just like the one in Řáloec Forest. Manka is probably somewhere around here too... Tours of the Pohádková vesnička fairytale village:

Hotel Podlesí
Podlesí 15
592 02 Svratka
Tel.: +420 566 664 477, +420 606 562 832
email: hotelpodlesi@seznam.cz

The Pohádková vesníčka fairytale village serves primarily as lodgings, which is why it is important that visitors respect the peace and privacy of the guests. Tours of the village are available on select days, when you can participate in fun programmes for children and parents. You can also visit the village outside of the programme during visiting hours. However, reservations must be made at: +420 566 664 477. www.pohadkova-vesnicka.cz/akce.html.





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