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Telč Steam Mill

Now, anyone who sets out from Telč's city centre past the Staroměstský rybník Pond in the direction of Oslednice has the opportunity to visit a new point of interest: the steam mill, which was declared a protected monument. This recently-opened location features a reconstructed water turbine and

Třebíč Windmill

The so-called "Dutch-style" Třebíč windmill is an integral part of the Třebíč Kanciborek district. The mill stands on the crossing of the Jihlava – Třebíč railroad line, and is clearly visible from the road. Formerly a wooden structure, the mill was later reconstructed using stone and bri

Slakhamr, Hamry nad Sázavou

Šlakhamr is located in the picturesque Sázava River Valley in the town of Hamry nad Sázavou. The former water mill underwent expensive renovations. It now features new exhibits that illustrate the rich ironworking tradition of the Žďár Region. The development of ironworking on the Bohemian-Mor

Single-Arched Stone Bridge Velké Meziříčí

One of the notable landmarks of the city is this old road structure. It is a single-arched stone bridge built for approximately 8,000 florins in 1593 by the builder Antonín Vlach across the deep Radslavický Stream Valley. The bridge survived war and other calamities, and served its function until

Medieval Tunnel Přibyslav

At the base of the rocky cliffs that loom over the Sázava River, below the local rectory, lies a well-preserved adit. It originated during the period when silver and later iron ore were being mined in the area surrounding the city. According to legend, it is also thought that it may have been used

Medieval Stone Bridge Ronov nad Sázavou

(Přibyslav) One of the town's most important landmarks is the three-arched stone bridge that spans the Sázava River, almost 40 metres long, with three-sided ice aprons on the upstream side of the bridge. The bridge dates back to the 1500s, and is one of ten oldest surviving bridges in the Czech Republic.

Moravian Trail Stone Bridge Věžnice

(Šlapanov) Not far from the junction of Zlatý potok Stream and Šlapanka stands an old Gothic stone bridge that is evidently the last witness to the so-called "Moravská stezka" ("Moravian Trail") that lead from Prague to Brno joining the Haberská stezka (Haberská Trail) here, linking Prague with Jihlava an

Stone Bridge, Přibyslav

Approximately 500 metres west of St Catherine's Church on the abandoned road from Německý (Havlíčkův) Brod to Přibyslav survives a single-arched stone bridge spanning the Borovksý potok Stream, dating back to the 1400s.

Orchestrion, Veselíčko

(Žďár nad Sázavou) The Orchestrion in Veselíčko is one of the last functional orchestrions in the Czech Republic. Visitors can see it for themselves in Veselíčko near Žďár nad Sázavou. The orchestrion was built before 1850 in Vienna, includes 8 songs, and can be viewed and heard at the local inn.

Vír Little Mill

Thirty years ago, a mill nicknamed Navrátilův mlýek (Navrátil's Little Mill) once stood in the town of Vír. Located on the Rovečínský Stream, it involved a moving scene with roughly 70 figurines whose various movements (sawing, dancing, hammering a nail) were powered by the water's flow. The

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