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Ludvík Svoboda (1895 Hroznatín – 1979 Prague), general, president of the Republic

The birth house (39915/7-7040) of Ludvík Svoboda, Czechoslovak general and CSSR president still stands today in the small town of Hroznatín in the Třebíč region. Ludvík Svoboda had a multifaceted destiny. During World War One, he became a member of the Czechoslovak Legion in Russia. He was a part of the famous legion battles at Zborov and Bakhmach against the Austrian and German military and

The Smallest Cemetery in the Czech Republic

(Hluboké) The year 1885 marks the first written mention of a small forest Evangelical cemetery that is located in the town of Hluboké, not far from Naměšť nad Oslavou. Upon a request by Mr Josef Sklenář and his wife, Františka, ownership of this property that had previously functioned as a cemetery was

The Largest Tower Clock

(Třebíč) The tower clock on the city tower at St Martin's Church in Třebíč is the largest in the Czech Republic and the European continent. Four enamel dials with a diameter of 550 cm are run by five mechanical clockworks. The original Gothic St Martin's Church was reconstructed in the Baroque style in 17

Most Beautiful Vysočina Blooms

(Třebíč) Some of the most beautiful blooms belong to orchidaceous plants, of which the Vysočina Region boasts the relatively rare green-winged orchid. Others include the western marsh orchid, common spotted orchid, elder-flowered orchid, common twayblade, lesser butterfly-orchid, and the greater butterfly-o

Indian Chief Trophy

(Třebíč) This Indian chief trophy (Tsantsa, Ecuador), supposed to endow its owner with the strength and courage of the defeated enemy is on display at the Muzeum Vysočiny Třebíč (Vysočina Museum Třebíč). In 1937, it was donated to the museum by MVDr. Josef Vondráček. The head is cut off using a ba

Largest Cheese-Ripening Cellars in Central Europe

(Želetava) The original purpose of the cellars of today's Želetavské sýrárny cheesemakers from the 16th century was for ripening beer. After nationalisation, it was decided that the original Želetava brewery was unsuitable for the conception of the socialist planned economy. In 1953, the brewery was close

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