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Joseph Alois Schumpeter (1883 Třešť – 1950 U.S.A.), economist

Several years ago, only a few enlightened people knew that the burgher house on Rooseveltova ulice Street was the birthplace of the creator of the Japanese economic miracle. Joseph Alois Schumpeter, prominent economist, scientist, and lawyer, was born 8 February 1883 in Třešť, though by age four his family had already moved at first to Jihlava, then to Graz, and finally to Vienna. He studied at

Ludvík Svoboda (1895 Hroznatín – 1979 Prague), general, president of the Republic

The birth house (39915/7-7040) of Ludvík Svoboda, Czechoslovak general and CSSR president still stands today in the small town of Hroznatín in the Třebíč region. Ludvík Svoboda had a multifaceted destiny. During World War One, he became a member of the Czechoslovak Legion in Russia. He was a part of the famous legion battles at Zborov and Bakhmach against the Austrian and German military and

Karel Havlíček Borovský (1821 Havlíčková Borová – 1856 Prague), writer, journalist, literary critic

(Havlíčkův Brod) Karel Havlíček Borovský, Czech poet, journalist, and founder of Czech journalism and literary criticism, is closely tied to the village where his was born in 1821. He is the town's namesake, and the town, in turn, is his. He came from the town of Borová, which today bears the added title of "Havlíčkova" ("Havlíček's") in his honour, and Karel Havlíček, conversely, began to sign his his w

Josef Hoffmann (1870 Brtnice – 1956 Vienna), architect

In recent years, Brtnice has been gaining recognition, primarily due to the efforts of the Společnost Josefa Hoffmanna (Josef Hoffmann Society), as the birthplace of renowned architect Josef František Hoffmann. Hoffmann was born here on 15 December 1870 in an exquisite Baroque house numbered 263 on the town square. The building is listed with the Monument Inspectorate of the Czech Republic unde

Otokar Březina (1868 Počátky – 1929 Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou), poet

Important Czech poet Otakar Březina (whose real name was Václav Jebavý) left an indelible mark on Vysočina, from Pelhřimov to Jihlava area, all the way to Třebič. It is because of this connection to the poet that a number of buildings in these areas were declared cultural monuments. Otokar Březina was born in Počátky to a shoemaker's family, and the house in which he was born still stand

Gustav Mahler (1860 Kaliště – 1911 Vienna), composer

(Humpolec) One of the greatest conductors worldwide who found greater acclaim in Vienna than his did in his native Bohemia, was born in 1860 in Kaliště u Humpolce as the son of Jewish merchant and innkeeper, Bernard Mahler. The family was quite large (Mahler had 11 siblings) and poor. Around 1865, the family moved to Jihlava in pursuit of a better life. In 1869–1875, the young Mahler studied at the Germa

Jan Žižka of Trocnov (1360 Trocnov – 1424 Přibyslav), Hussite military leader and warrior

The story of the life of Bohemian warrior and Hussite military leader Jan Žižka began some time around 1360 in Trocnov in Southern Bohemia, and ends abruptly and unexpectedly during the siege of city of Přibyslav. Žižka's childhood, youth (and his entire life until the year 1400 in general) are still shrouded in mystery today, as period sources do not mention much about Žižka's life. Despit

One of the Oldest Trees

(Kamenice nad Lipou) The chateau park at the chateau in Kamenice nad Lipou is home to a memorial linden tree, whose age is estimated to be 600 to 800 years (it thought to have been planted in 1248). All that remains of the original monumental tree that gave the town its name is an unusual torso of 19 horizontally-growing branches.

The Smallest Cemetery in the Czech Republic

(Hluboké) The year 1885 marks the first written mention of a small forest Evangelical cemetery that is located in the town of Hluboké, not far from Naměšť nad Oslavou. Upon a request by Mr Josef Sklenář and his wife, Františka, ownership of this property that had previously functioned as a cemetery was

Vysočina Highway Bridge

(Velké Meziříčí) The Vysočina Highway Bridge at Velké Meziříčí unparalleled in its dimensions, height, as well as construction. The supporting structure is comprised of two steel beams with a total weight of 6,000 tonnes. The columns are made of cement. The height of the bridge deck is 77 metres, and the lengt

Hliník: the Most Famous Incomer

(Humpolec) "Hliník moved to Humpolec." This sentence, that was uttered many times from the mouth of the actor Zdeněk Srstka in the film Marečku, podejte mi pero! (Mareček, Pass Me the Pen!), gave a group of enthusiasts the idea some time ago to build the non-existent Humpolec resident a memorial in the cit

The Largest Tower Clock

(Třebíč) The tower clock on the city tower at St Martin's Church in Třebíč is the largest in the Czech Republic and the European continent. Four enamel dials with a diameter of 550 cm are run by five mechanical clockworks. The original Gothic St Martin's Church was reconstructed in the Baroque style in 17

The Oldest Reservoir

Approximately 4 km southeast of Želiv and 9 km southwest of Humpolec on the Želivka River lies one of the oldest reservoirs in the Czech Republic (construction was completed in 1927). The reservoir was built not far from the town of Sedlice past the confluence of the Hejlovka and Hejnický potok s

The Button Industry

(Žirovnice) Buttons: only from Vysočina. In the mid-19th century, 24-year-old Josef Žampach (originally from Vienna) married into the town of Žirovnice. He had trained in Vienna, and brought with him to Bohemia a turning lathe and button-making tools. Perhaps this was the beginning of the button-making tradi

Most Beautiful Vysočina Blooms

(Třebíč) Some of the most beautiful blooms belong to orchidaceous plants, of which the Vysočina Region boasts the relatively rare green-winged orchid. Others include the western marsh orchid, common spotted orchid, elder-flowered orchid, common twayblade, lesser butterfly-orchid, and the greater butterfly-o

The Vysočina region full of life

Published by Vysočina Tourism 2011.

About the region Higlands

Basic information area: 6,796 km2, 5th in the Czech Republic, 9% of the total area of the Czech Republic population: 509,895 (2015) population density: 75 residents per km2 (third lowest among the regions of the Czech Republic) regional capital: Jihlava number of

Historical Towns

Year of publishing: 2005.

Reminders of Jewish Settlement in the Vysočina Region

Jews came to Vysočina beginning in the early middle ages, to settle in significant market places, at the crossroad of long-distance trade routes, and in the vicinity of noble settlements. They were direcly subject to the ruler and had to pay significant amounts for permission to settle in a locale.









Vysočina TOP10

Vysočina TOP10

Sport events in the Vysočina Region in 2016

Vysočina Arena in Nové Město na Moravě Vysočina Tourism, 2016

World Heritage Sites UNESCO 2016

The Largest Mobile Carillon in the Czech Republic

(Jihlava) Jihlava was the first ever witness to carillon performance outside of Prague. The carillon has 57 precisely-tuned bronze bells. Thus far, only 17 mobile carillons have existed worldwide. Five are mobile, and the rest have been converted into stationary carillons. The total weight of the Pražská mo

Indian Chief Trophy

(Třebíč) This Indian chief trophy (Tsantsa, Ecuador), supposed to endow its owner with the strength and courage of the defeated enemy is on display at the Muzeum Vysočiny Třebíč (Vysočina Museum Třebíč). In 1937, it was donated to the museum by MVDr. Josef Vondráček. The head is cut off using a ba

Artificial Slalom Canal

(Želiv) Trnávka, the only artificial slalom canal in Vysočina, is located near the town of Želiv, not far from Humpolec on the river of the same name. It is an approximately 700 m long course with a difficulty rating of WW III – V. The massive water current, numerous obstacles, and tall waves ensure am

The Tallest Lookout Towers in Vysočina

(Pelhřimov) One of the tallest lookout towers in Vysočina is Pípalka, which adorns the highest peak of Pelhřimovska-Křemešník (76 m). The 52-metre tall steel structure tests tourists with 205 stairs that ascend to a height of approximately 40 m. During favourable weather conditions, it is possible to see

Largest Cheese-Ripening Cellars in Central Europe

(Želetava) The original purpose of the cellars of today's Želetavské sýrárny cheesemakers from the 16th century was for ripening beer. After nationalisation, it was decided that the original Želetava brewery was unsuitable for the conception of the socialist planned economy. In 1953, the brewery was close

Most Valuable Peat Bog Plant

One of the most valuable peat bog plants in the Vysočina Region is the round-leaved sundew, a perennial insectivorous plant, listed as a highly endangered species according to decree no. 395/1992. Nature enthusiasts can see this plant primarily in the Železné hory Mountains.

Most Beloved Children's Television Show Animal

(Pavlov) The European otter is considered one of the most beloved animals, though it also causes quite a bit of trouble for fishermen. Otters are an endangered species and are protected. The most famous otter in Vysočina is Vydrýsek, who became the star of the Czech Television children's series of the same

Oldest Bell

(Havlíčkův Brod) The oldest surviving bell in the Czech Republic, "Vilém," in Havlíčkův Brod from the year 1333 weighs almost two tonnes, is 128 cm tall, and its bottom rim measures 148 cm in diameter. It remembers the era when the residents of Havlíčkův Brod warred with the resident of Jihlava over the ore m

Vysočina's Tallest Peak: Javořice

(Telč) The tallest peak of the Javořické vrchy Highlands (837 m) as well as the entire Českomoravské vrchoviny Highlands lies approximately 10 km northwest of Telč, and roughly the same distance northeast of Studená. The peak is nestled in an expansive complex of evergreen forests over which looms a

Largest Pond

The largest pond in the Českomoravské vrchoviny Highlands, Velké Dářko, covers an area of 206 ha. In the past, it served as a pond for retaining water to drive an iron mill, saw mills, and grain mills on the upper reaches of the Sázava River. Today, its expansive water surface area has become

Wind Power Plants

Since 2006, the wind power plants with a capacity of two megawatts towering above the town of Pavlov have been the dominant feature of the landscape far and wide. Their height, including the three 45-metre rotor blades, reaches an incredible 150 metres. The power plants are the first in Vysočina, a

Camping in Vysočina

There is the list of camp on Vysočina region. Here are descriptions and contact this capms. Year of publication: 2005.

Castles, chateaus and monasteries

The picturesque Vysočina landscape, with its rounded, tree covered hilltops and wide river valleys with their beautiful seasonal transformations offers unlimited opportunities, not only for those who enjoy active relaxation but also for thosewho are lovers of art and history. For centuries, the lan

UNESCO sites in the Vysocičina Region

Vysočina Region The unusually well-preserved landscape of the VYsočina Region, with its forest covered hills and flower filled fields, attract lovers of tranquil family vacations; the local hiking and biking trails and other sporting facilities appeal to those who seek more active rela


The catalogue you are holding contains a large variety of accommodation facilities in the towns and villages of Vysočina, from, hotels, guesthouses, and hostels to lodges. Offer of accommodation possibilities in the countryside and campsites are in a special catalogue.

Holiday in the country

Alleys of birch and rowan-berry trees lining the roads, thick forests and deep green meadows between the glossy mirrors of scattered ponds, villages snuggled up on the hillsides, dwellings sprinkled throughout the countryside, a colourful mosaic inspiring painters, music of the great composers as we

Vítězslav Novák

(Kamenice nad Lipou) The composer Vítězslav Novák was born in the town and the museum has an exhibition devoted to him. One of his busts, by Karel Otáhal, decorates the school building; the other, by Jan Kodet, was unveiled in 1995 in front of the chateau. The mother of the composer lived in the nearby Johanka gamek

František Josef Vacek

(Kamenice nad Lipou) The memorial tablet on the house in Vackova street commemorates the national priest, poet and writer František Josef Vacek, the writer of the lyrics to the famous song ?U panského dvora?.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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Campings in Region Vysočina

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Following Gustav Mahler's footsteps

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A Legacy of the Past

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Journeys of discovery, culture, sport and relaxation

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