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Šikl's Mill Western Town

(Zvole) Šikland is a complex of three entertainment centres with the broadest rage of services and entertainment in the Czech Republic. The largest is the Šiklův mlýn (Šikl's Mill) complex in Zvole nad Pernštejnem, famous as a western town, as well as the Draxmoor haunted chateau and Fotopark Krokodýl in Dolní Rožnice. The Šiklův mlýn wild west town is an amusement park in the Bobrůvka River

EDEN centre

(Bystřice nad Pernštejnem) After years of deterioration, the dilapidated Bystřice Mittrovský estate has finally been completely renovated, and will now function as a centre in which visitors can learn what life and work used to be like in the country. It is a unique project whose aim is to create a one-of-a-kind centre in a European context for eco-tourism, learning, and education that will continue to support and strengt

Model Kingdom Žďár nad Sázavou

In the cellar of the Žďár Dům kultury (Cultural Centre), visitors can tour the Vysočina-themed permanent model railroad exhibit that takes up just under 55 square metres. This area has eight train stations with 600 metres of railroad tracks and 180 railroad switches. The dominating feature of t

Draxmoor Haunted Chateau

(Dolní Rožínka) In the 16th century, the owners of the chateau transformed the former medieval building into a brewery, which was used two centuries later as a granary. Today it houses an exhibit full of sorcery, magic, and spooks. Visitors will be ushered into the world of fantasy by a movie with 3D effects, and t

Haunted Underground

(Nové Město na Moravě) The Strašidelné podzemí haunted underground exhibit is located in the cellars of the Horacké muzeum (Museum of Horácko).It features five stops that are inspired by local legends, complemented by special lighting and sound effects. The Strašidelné podzemí haunted underground is open during th

Podlesíčko Fairytale Village

(Sněžné) Part of the lodging resort of Hotel Podlesí near the city of Sněžná is the Pohádková vesnička Podlesíčko fairytale village. The village is comprised of nine separate houses and one duplex house. The architecture of each house was inspired by a fairytale. For example, you can encounter the l

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